Seller Assistance Program

Welcome to EZ RV’s RV Seller Assistance Program. We all understand that the RV market is very challenging at this time, so we are offering a program that will help our customers and our dealership sell your RVs.  Because our primary business is service, our overhead is low.  This provides our clients with a sales advantage. We can keep the margins small and give our buyers the best value. This also gives us new customers at EZ RV’s. Service will always come first and, our sales department has experienced personnel to handle all your sales transactions.

Our fully integrated dealer management system is second to none. Our service department is state of the art with more that 35 years in the RV business.   We set the example for industry standards in this area. Our modern facility which includes the most up to date dealer management system, provides the tools to keep us on the right track.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We provide a consignment agreement that protects the customer as well as the   dealer.
  2. We can analyze and evaluate your unit to determine what the market will bring.
  3. We provide the buyer all the dealer services required to eliminate the hassle and liabilities involved in a private sale.
  4. The dealership can service, contract, PDI, and deliver your coach in accordance with the law and provide a secure sale and purchase for both parties involved.
  5. We can market your RV via internet. With our more than 12,000 customer base and our dealership display area gives you a huge advantage. We also advertise in various trade publications as well as limited TV and radio.
  6. Our Web site and on line marking is being developed for future new markets.
  7. Our rental consignment program offers customers new income from their RV.
  8. Our reconditioning program can bring the most value to the sale.
  9. We can take trades.


Please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information to make this possible.

Craig Moffett   619-368-6672 or 619-440-8733 fax



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